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About Us

Independent Review Inc. (“IRI”) was founded in 2004 specifically to provide assistance to Mutual Fund managers that needed to implement an Independent Review Committee (“IRC”) pursuant to National Instrument 81-107 Independent Review Committee for Investment Funds ("NI 81-107") and to provide an independent secretariat and other services to IRC members.  

Since then, IRI has branched out to offer a suite of services that can not only assist IRCs but also Boards and their related committees as well as ensuring that a reporting entity's compliance adheres to provincial and federal securities regulation.



Why you should call IRI

IRI can assist you by setting up your IRC and helping you meet your obligations under National Instrument 81-107. Read more about our Independent Review Committees.

IRI can provide your Boards and related committees with a full service secretariat leaving you more time to concentrate on the management of your company and increasing shareholder value. Read more about our Corporate Services.

IRI can assess your regulatory readiness to ensure your compliance procedures and policies are up-to-date, relevant and in accordance with applicable securities law. Read more about our Compliance Solutions.

IRI can file your regulatory filings that help fulfill your disclosure obligations leaving you more time to concentrate on running your business. Read more about Disclosure/Regulatory Filings.




Who We Are


We have extensive knowledge of the conflicts of interest that arise under NI 81-107, and expertise in preparing for and responding to regulatory examinations.   We provide this service on a full time basis therefore someone is always available to review your issues with you.


We are equipped to handle complex conflicts: e.g. related issuers; related service providers that need more detailed review and documentation and, as well,  we can ensure your board and related committees are run in accordance with best practices.  We can also address your compliance deficiencies as they relate to your internal policies and procedures and enhance your Anti Money Laundering ("AML") policies.


IRI assists managers who are setting up their first fund right through to those with several $billion in Assets Under Management ("AUM").  We have an unparalleled range of experience in all service offering areas. The principals and associates of IRI are senior professionals: securities lawyers, securities regulators, investment managers and/or chartered accountants, each with many years sound governance experience (both in Canada and internationally).

Team players

We can help you identify potential IRC, board and related committee members if you have not already selected them. Click here for more information about our roster of  IRC members.

Client base

IRI provides secretariat services to over twenty IRCs with a broad spectrum of organizational structures.  As well we service the compliance and board needs of several reporting entities.  Our clients include:

  • Goodwood Capital Fund’s IRC
  • Russell Investments Funds’ IRC
  • Sprott Funds’ IRC
  • NEI Investments Funds' IRC
  • Fiera Closed-End Funds' IRC
  • Timbercreek Funds' IRC
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